Helpful information on what’s inside of your e juice

There is one important piece of information that is going to be dispensed to all new readers who are still trying to decide whether or not to give e-cigarette smoking a tryout. These readers are all regular smokers. Some of them are even coughing their lungs out at this time, maybe even having yet another smoke while they’re reading this. By now, if they’ve done enough investigation, they will have discovered that most of the chemicals included in the e juice are a lot less harmful, if at all, than the poisonous substances included in their tobacco packs.

The design is to allow you to enjoy your new smoke as much as possible now that you’ve thrown your last pack of tobacco smokes in the bin. That is to say you already have your e-smoking kit, loaded with a new juicy flavor, all ready to go. You may have made a conscious decision over this one ingredient. You’ve decided to stay on with the nicotine fix. While the esthetic and aesthetic processes and effects of smoking have been retained, if not, enhanced for you, you still have your nicotine.

e juice

And this is the important bit of information that this short article is giving its readers. The nicotine content comes with a reminder that it remains a highly addictive substance. But then again, most smoking readers already knew that. What they did not know up to now is that the nicotine content, no matter what quantity or level they are about to choose, is far, far less than that still being carried in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

And the best news there is to give for health conscious readers’ benefit is that there are also nicotine-free alternatives to choose from.