Explaining the Difference Between Capricorn and Aquarius Lovers

The personalities of the zodiac are all varied from sign to sign. The forces that attract us to certain people can be understood by studying the signs of the zodiac. By familiarizing yourself with the different personalities that exist you can better understand when people are a great match for each other. Today the match is between the signs of the suspicious Capricorn and the socially gregarious Aquarius. Let’s explore how Capricorn and Aquarius match up with each other and whether they would be a good potential mate.

This is a match made in heaven for the most part. The name of the game here is concession to the other persons needs for security (Capricorn) and the need for new experiences (Aquarius.) Just as long as these two can spirits can work the magic of their complimentary opposite personalities things will roll along smoothly. The difficulty starts to emerge when Capricorn becomes insecure and suspicious of Aquarius’s need for novelty. Other things to be aware of:

Capricorn and Aquarius

·    Aquarius often becomes too focused on socializing and forgets their partners’ need for down to earth assurance.

·    Capricorns offer their mates stability and comfort while Aquarius can offer a greater sense of self-assuredness.

If things are not jiving on all cylinders between a Capricorn and an Aquarius sometimes friendship is the best option. Because both signs can become distant and can lose a strong connection they once enjoyed. This lapse in the relationship can lead to all sorts of frustration like lack of passion, affection or romance. The solution that often comes from these 2 signs being so different is the amazing lifelong friendship that often develops. After an Aquarius and a Capricorn stop trying to battle out with each other, there is a beautiful peace that ensues which leads to more compatible relationships down the road.